Hey everyone,

Around a week ago we posted the last episode of season 4. I’ve been considering what to do with the podcast for a while (whether to continue or not). There have been a ton of life changes and events happening recently, for example I’m about to graduate high school and start university in a few months. However, this podcast is currently my main source of income, and we are extremely close to being monetized on YouTube.

There will not be any season 4 bonus episodes.

Season 5 will be on Series 4 - selections from SCP-3056 to SCP-3100. As of the writing of this post, the specific numbers are still being planned out, but of course, progress will be visible on the Trello board. If you have a specific, please let us know soon - in the Discord or suggestions page.

I will take a short break to have some time off, generate the artwork, update the website, and get a head start on recording and editing. The first episode will come March 13th.

Thank you all for the continued support. <3