My May - July release schedule was very infrequent, and thats something I want to avoid from now on. Season 2 has been going on since mid-April, and there’s a strong chance that if I stay with the schedule, it can be finished by the end of the year.

Release schedule for the rest of August

Twice a week! Every Wednesday and Sunday until September 2.

Release schedule for the September…?

I’m aiming for every Wednesday, every other Sunday.

However, with COVID-19, I’ll still be doing some form of school in September - blended (1 day in school and the other online) or fully online.

I will probably attend fully online, just because it’s significantly safer and I don’t trust my school with all the necessary safety precautions.

Because of this, I have no idea how busy I’ll actually be. While I definitely want to finish Season 2 by the end of December and move onto bonus episodes, unfortunately I can’t guarantee it 😞.

Patrons will still release episodes as soon as I’m done editing them.

If there are any updates, I’ll be sure to announce them.

I’ll also keep trying to schedule YT live streamed recordings and Discord recordings, just keep in mind that they’ll happen on weekends/ at night (EST).