Hi all!

Over the past few days I’ve shared my interest in revamping the site on social media. Today, I’m happy to reveal the new look.

As the podcast and Youtube channel grows, I realize that I needed this site to also link to all those places, per episode. That makes sure that listeners can listen on whatever platform they choose.

With that, old episodes (Season 1 and 2) will slowly be added to the blog, and links also slowly updated on the SCP Audio Adaptations page to point here.

The form to suggest episodes is also now baked in to the site.

With the redesign, I’ve also brought in a new theme, that’s dark by default. It is called Hello Friend NG. You can find more information here. As always, if you are interested in keeping this updated, please let me know.

Thanks for reading, and staying with me throughout the seasons 1 and 2!