So… this has been on my front page for a few days now. But, I thought I should make a proper post about it here.

We now have a Discord server! It is creatively called “SCP Foundation Audio Archive Pod”… LOL.

It’s pretty small and I hope you join!

So far, we will have episode discussions (every week/ new episode, if it’s one of my off weeks then we’ll have a different topic), bots (and more bots) and live episode recordings!

I record the episodes locally on my laptop as well, but I thought this was a great way so that you guys could sort of hear what goes on behind the scenes as well. The sound quality isn’t great at the moment, but I do plan on upgrading to another microphone soon.

Most episodes will be live recorded, with the exception of some - they may be Patron-only live recordings, or if my internet is trash on that day.

With all of that said, here is a link to join. I hope you enjoy it, please don’t hesitate to send feedback.