Due to school and other commitments, I currently have less time to do live events.

I try to do regular live-streams (at least once a month) that you can watch on Youtube/ Discord/ Zoom, and also for all my Patrons. Most of the time, you will be able to join in!

Events are also created on Discord and the calendar below. Links to join in are in the event description.

My home timezone is UTC-5 (EST/EDT America/Toronto). Events should be listed in your own timezone. Please let me know if this is not the case!

Upcoming and Past Events

You can also view/ add this to your own Google Calendar (link).

Monthly View

Room Info

We are using Zoom. You can download it here, and we recommend creating an account, signing in, updating your settings, and familiarizing yourself if you haven’t used it before. This guide may be useful.


Zoom meetings may be livestreamed or recorded and be made available either internally (to staff) or publicly. You may want to adjust your name, and the “hide profile photos” option should be enabled in the meeting (message the host if not). You will show in the recording if you have your video on, unmute your microphone, or share screen/ audio.

It is encouraged to share your pronouns, they should not be visible in the livestream or recording.

Youtube Live Archive Playlist

Recordings may be available on the SCPFAA Internal channel (used by staff). The following playlist is from the main channel: